Introductory offer on the new lines Biovision and Vision, until the 31th of December 2011 !



Eco-friendly, the Biovision line is made of natural and recyclables materials.

Of the same design as Biovision, but not eco-friendly, the Vision line make your salon modern.

Discover these two lines and profit from a discount (until €280) on purchase of Biovision or Vision furniture. Valid offer until the 31th of December 2011 (discount made in the pricelist 2011).





Profit from €160 discount on the Extenso 1 seat !



Equip your salon with Extenso seat, first version, and save €160!

With sober design, Extenso 1 seat is available in 60 fabric colors (in Cindarella range) and on diferent bases. 

Valid offer while supplies last.








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